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Rosyth - (Forth Ports PLC)

Geographical Position

56°.01 N 3°.27’W North side of the River Forth about 1 mile West of the Forth Road Bridge.

On passing under the Road Bridge, vessels enter the dredged channel and proceed alongside the North Wall which is an open river berth.

Maximum size of vessel which can be handled is 250 metres loa. the maximum unrestrictive draft is 7.80 metres. At certain states of the tide, the Harbourmaster may allow a small increase to this figure. The tidal range on the berth is between 4.50 and 6.00 metres

Air Draft restrictions apply for the Forth Rail and Road bridges normal allowable height above chart datum is 49.20m however if maintenance platforms are in place this will be reduced by further 2.7m. Any vessels which come near these restrictions must consult with Forth and Tay Navigation prior arrival.

Water density: 1015 without Guarantee

Distance from Pilot Boarding Position, (No. 3. Fairway Buoy) to approach channel, East of Beamer Rock Lighthouse is approx. 11 miles. The approach channel, East of Beamer Rock Lighthouse, is maintained at a dredged depth of 8.30 metres below Admiralty chart datum.


Owned and operated by Forth Ports Plc. and based in Leith.5 Voith Schneider tractor tugs. Bollard pull: 1 x 50 tonnes,1 x 30 tonnes, 2 x 19 tonnes, 1 x 12 tonnes.d Bridge.

Prevailing wind is SW. Manoeuvring can be difficult during heavy weather or if wind shifts Easterly.


The principal berth is the North Wall which is served by 4 x Sennebogen 870 Material Handlers.

A new ro/ro berth has been created at the Western end of the North Wall in a 90 degree cut. The maximum loa is 220 metres with a minimum depth of 7.20 metres. The berth is served by a 2 tier pontoon adjustable linkspan with 4.80 metres between the bridges. There is a fully security enclosed passenger and freight terminal.

Normal working hours – dry cargo:
Mondays to Thursdays 0800 – 1700. Fridays 0800 – 1600. Meal break 1200 – 1300.
Overtime is available in the evenings, on nightshifts and at weekends subject to availability

Supplies (Bunkers / FW / Stores / Repairs)
Bunkers - Can be supplied using road cars however strict environmental procedures to be adhered to during delivery. Please check prior arranging deliveries. Shipchandler, laundry, deck/engine repairs, nav aid repairs all available. Fresh Water – available ex quay.

Rosyth Forth Ports

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